Remind me why…

I’m having a hard time remembering why I continue doing this for a living.

“wow…that spider bite must have given Pete super human skills! like the direction.”

“this is awful, you guys. it is so ugly. …the entire section is just flat out bad.”

That would be comments from a client about the exact same thing, made a month apart.

What to do?


2 Responses to Remind me why…

  1. Jamie says:

    Tell them how glad you are to be working with them and that you wish they had never been born. That should straighten them out.

  2. g3ek says:

    Sounds like a classic case of jack*ss syndrome to me… or the medical term “Jack*ss-itis”. I’m a professor of “Jack*ss-ology” and if this was my patient, I’d prescribe a two-fisted Chuck Liddell style beat down and a lifetime membership to “You got knocked the f*ck out” magazine.

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