Bike to Work – June 25-29

Last week of biking to work for June. I got lazy with the pictures and the blogging, just wanted to finish out the week and rack up the miles.

I finished up all of my mileage logging, only M-F counted, plus I missed 4 days of riding, for a total of 17 days. I ended up with a total of 619 miles for the month. I’m not sure I’ll win the bike, I’ve always had a feeling that there’s somebody out there who’s riding a little further than me, or maybe someone who hasn’t missed any days of riding.

Even if I don’t win, it’s something that I’m glad I started doing. I’ve learned a little about bikes and cycling in general and would like to keep it up for the whole summer. Only problem now is that I can’t stop looking at new bikes. This one in particular. That sure would make the commute a little easier.

And now, the links I’ve come across that were particularly helpful: – Pretty much anything you need to know about bikes, bike parts and how to fix them. – Bicycle videos and fluff, and a bunch of maintenence how-to videos here. – A bunch of random videos, I mostly stuck to the maintenance how-to’s though. – Bike commuting tips blog. – Bike commuter blog.


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