Bike to Work – June 13

Bike to Work – June 13

Originally uploaded by plounsbury.

9th day of the “Bike to Work” contest being held by Rock ‘n Road Cycle.

Pretty normal day today, fast on the way in, slow on the way home. My new glasses the kids gave me worked wonders, I didn’t have to spend any time tonight flushing the dust and pollen out of my eyeballs. That’s always nice.

Today’s numbers:

  • 38.13 miles
  • Average speed: On the way to work it was 13.2 mph, but on the way home, 11.

The need for a better bikes becomes more apparent each day.


One Response to Bike to Work – June 13

  1. letters says:

    Do you have a problem with pollen, dust and diesel exhaust? There is a really good mask out there you can pick up for about 50 bucks (euros, pounds) … the name will come to me sooner or later…. anyway it has two one-way valves for exhaling and an activated charcoal carbon-filter to get rid of the particulates. I used it in Hong Kong where buses spew black smoke going up steep hills. It made cycling there bearable again.

    Darn what is the name of the company that makes them? They’re well-known. OK, I’ll post later when it comes to me.

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