Bike to Work – June 12

Bike to Work – June 12

Originally uploaded by plounsbury.

8th day of the “Bike to Work” contest being held by Rock ‘n Road Cycle.

The routine starting out has been to park and ride from a friends house on Lakeshore, which is about 15 miles from work, one way. Today I moved north again, about 5 miles to Rosy Mound School. Somehow I managed to make it to work in the same amount of time, so I must be getting a little faster. The plan is to start there from now on, hopefully moving my distance out little by little until I’m able to just leave straight from home in Spring Lake

Today’s numbers:

  • 38.27 miles
  • Average speed 12.1
  • Max speed: 23.44

I’ve been complaining to the wife and kids at home about my eyes just killing me, with the wind and dust and pollen that collects in there. So today when I got home there was an early father’s day present. A pair of really nice cycling glasses made by Optic Nerve. very nice.


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