Bike to Work – June 07

Bike to Work – June 07

Originally uploaded by plounsbury.

5th day of the “Bike to Work” contest being held by Rock ‘n Road Cycle.

Today I parked and rode in from Rosy Mound School, which gives me about another 5 miles each way and adds about a half hour.

Today’s numbers:

  • 38.17 miles
  • Average speed went down to 11.9 mph today
  • Max speed: 25 mph

The wind was awful. In the woodsy stretches there’s some protection from the wind, but when you get into a clearing the gusts just about knocked you down. I hate wind.


2 Responses to Bike to Work – June 07

  1. letters says:

    I’ve been cycling to work for seven years, winter and summer. Takes about 20 minutes each way, but that’s really hauling derrière. If only everyone would do this, eh?

  2. Pete says:

    Yeah. If I knew I’d be riding my bike to work I would’ve moved closer. 🙂

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