Biking to work.

I’ve decided to have a go at Rock ‘n Road Cycles “Bike to Work” contest. I need to log the days I ride, and the mileage, and turn it all in the first week of July. The winner gets a new Giant road/commuting bike.

Bike route

I figure working about 30 miles away from work with a nice wide bike path in between both destinations I have a little advantage. I’m probably looking at about a 2 hour commute by bike each way. Every weekday, rain or shine.

The misery begins tomorrow. 🙂


2 Responses to Biking to work.

  1. Holy crap, that’s something else. A while back, I biked from Holland to Grand Haven, but that was once, and I had a big meal to satiate my appetite.

    Get ready to lose a few pounds…

  2. Pete says:

    I could go for losing a few pounds.

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