College admissions photography

Admissions Photography

Originally uploaded by FJ Gaylor Photography.

For the last week I’ve been completely swamped working on some new admissions print work we’re presenting to a small university here in Michigan. I’ve been keeping my eye on FJ Gaylor Photography for quite a while also, they’ve carved themselves a really nice niche—specializing in college admissions photography—and they do it well. Another thing that doesn’t hurt is that they’re excellent at promoting themselves using free web services, setting themselves up with a flickr account and a blog has really made it easier for me to keep up with what they’re doing on an almost daily basis, and has kept them top-of-mind when thinking about photographers.


3 Responses to College admissions photography

  1. Joe Gaylor says:

    Hey Pete, thanks for the add… I was on TIG site earlier in the week.. So you guys were behind the Oklahoma Wesleyan EBAY thing? Brilliant….. So how’s the higher ed marketing going with you guys? More importantly how’s the weather out your way? We’ve got a shoot the week of the 9th North of Lansing, I’m hoping there will be leaves on trees and some nice green.. But it doesn;t look good.. Thanks so much for the post


  2. pete says:

    Hi Joe, I hope you got a chance to see the whole post, it sat there for a while without any text. Had to wait ’til I got home to finish it up.

    The weather out here is just starting to warm up, but the skies are still gray, and I think leaves on the trees may be a long shot, but you never know!

    We’ve got a lot of admissions work coming through lately, a couple of new clients, and a couple of existing ones wanting new work. We just did a presentation today and I had a chance to direct the client to your site. Still hoping to use you guys one of these days!

  3. Joe Gaylor says:

    Hey Pete,

    Thanks so much for the post and the direction to our site of your client… It is greatly apprecitaed.. As I had mentioned earlier we are going to be in the Lansing area the week of the 9th of April, anything in the MW feel free to give us a shout, I know it’s awful short notice but we require little or no art direction on building admissions libraries.. Thanks again so much

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