First, a note to myself for next year: Mortage the house and buy a shitload of apple stock about a week before Macworld. (Google Finance is pretty slick too, first I’ve seen it.)

OK, the iPhone looks incredibly slick. The funny thing is, I could see myself using, and loving all of the features of this “device” except for the phone. But I’m probably in the minority there, just because I don’t like to talk on the phone. At all.

But… having movies, music, web, email, maps, widgets, a 2MP camera, calendar, notes, chat, etc, etc, etc… all rich, desktop class apps, all running on OSX…all in your pocket? Awesome.

The more I go back and read about the details and features on this thing, the more I want one. I started this post a few minutes ago, about to say that I had no use for something like the iPhone. That’ll teach me to make snap judgements.

The bad? (not too bad.)

  • It’s expensive. $600 (including contract) is a good chunk of change. I’d have a hard time ponying up that kind of cash for a pice of technology that will very likely change within a year.
  • Disc space. 4 & 8 GB seems a little light for something meant to play music, movies, and store photos and email. Push that sucker up to 40 GB.
  • Battery life. looks like with normal video, surfing, talking usage you’re battery only lasts about 5 hours. 16 hours if you’re just listening to music.

As great as the phone is, I still think I’ll hold out for the next generation iPod, that hopefully uses the same widescreen format, multi-touch interface, and is equipped with some more storage space and wireless earbuds. 150 GB would be perfect. While they’re at it, the nice brushed aluminum back, like the back of the iPhone, would be nice too. It would sure save me money on buying a new case.

Nice job again Apple, you guys should be proud. You can see it in the keynote.


One Response to Apple

  1. “That’ll teach me to make snap judgements.” Haha.

    You always see all these fantasy concept mockups online, and for once, Apple actually made one. “5 years ahead of its time?” You bet.

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