Christmas, New Years and fat.

Christmas and New Years have come and gone already. Both were good. It was was my parents year for Christmas, but this year they came up from South Carolina instead of having us drive all the way down there with the kids and all. Plus they were excited to have a white Christmas with all the piles of snow we always have here. Yeah. Sorry about that. No sledding, but we did go bowling, so that counts for something.

New years was spent a few hours north in Glen Arbor, we scored a really cheap stay in a friend of a friends condo at The Homestead. It’s a really nice place on the lake with a nice view of the Manitou Islands. The place itself seems to revolve around golf in the summer and skiing in the winter, which explains why it was pretty much empty when we were there (still no snow). That was fine by me because I: A) Don’t ski and B) Don’t care much for people.

There was, however just enough man-made snow for the kids (and grown-ups) to do some scary sledding down one of the ski hills. Evan had a nice run that ended with a backwards wipeout into one of the sand traps. I know you want to see it, it’s below-

And lastly, I was given a scale for Christmas. A pretty subtle hint. I could’ve just gotten a sign that said “Hey, you’re getting pretty fat and I just want you to know.” I topped out at 199 lbs. Just one pound shy of devastation. My goal is to drop to 150 by April 1st. Don’t call it a resolution though. Those are for retards.


2 Responses to Christmas, New Years and fat.

  1. Haha, love the wipeout.

    And it’s always nice to be reminded of your weight.

    Finally, somehow, you don’t seem like the kind of person who doesn’t like people.

  2. pete says:

    You may be right, maybe I’m paying too much attention to the one’s i don’t like.

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