Enjoying work

Four of us from work had four days in Ft. Lauderdale to shoot some video for an upcoming DVD project. As horrible as that sounds, it was definitely a good time. This was one of the few trips where everything work-wise just couldn’t have gone smoother and we actually had some time to head out and enjoy ourselves, and Ft. Lauderdale has lots of places to enjoy oneself.

It was a perfect mix of great co-workers, great weather, a great firm shooting video, great talent, great food, great greatness and other things that are great. And the ocean.

We had the guys from Explosive Image shoot the video. To say the least, these guys were awesome. Experienced, easy to work with, friendly bunch of guys. Highly recommended.

At night, after work, we pretty much always ended up at McSorely’s. A small Irish pub right near our hotel that had Blue Moon on tap, a jukebox, and a couple of pool tables. A nice low-maintenance type of place to get relaxed. It is here that I discover one of our employees is able to drink an entire 16 oz. draft in under 4 seconds.

Our hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn on A1A right on the beach. This hotel may possibly have the worst service in the history of hotels, but it was only 79 bucks and across the street from the ocean. There was also a Christmas tree in the lobby that strangely resembled Paris Hilton. During our unexpected overnite layover we discovered that the Holiday Inn near the airport is way nicer and staffed with people that aren’t incompetent.

It was also during this unexpected layover that I was able to have what I’ve been calling “The best meal I’ve ever had in my entire life.” At a restaurant called The Argentango Grill. It’s called the Mahi Colada, and I’m trying to figure out how to have it shipped to me. I could eat it every day, along with a pitcher of freshly made sangria.

It was the type of trip that brought you a step closer to being friends with your co-workers, to loving the place you work for, and being happy that you chose to do what you do for a living.

It was good times. Even after we found out that Laura was leaving for Steelcase. Her long toes, wrinkly forehead, big eyeballs and inate party planning and project management skills will be painfully missed.

Bunch of dorks


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