File Bloopers

I’ve always thought there was a big gap in communication within the designer/printer relationship. You hand off a disc, you get back a proof, you approve it then your job goes to print. You never hear anything about the process in between. I know better than to think that everything just rolls along perfectly.

Here’s a quick article about the things we designers never hear about.

We can’t fix the problems if we don’t know about them, Mr. Printer person. Don’t be afraid to inform us.


2 Responses to File Bloopers

  1. Justin says:

    POssibly a few years ago i would have agreed with the above article, but in todays age of PDFs most of these problems have been dissolved. There is still a small percentage that don’t send PDFs, and these are usually the ones who can’t design in the first place and are a nightmare to work with.

    I am a designer, but I had the chance to work at a print shop recently. It was an eye opener to see the other side of things.

  2. pete says:

    You’re right, PDF’s do streamline things a bit. Around here though, I still find a lot of printer’s that would rather have the native files to work with, I’m guessing it gives them the access they would need should there be a last minute change before or even after a project goes on press.

    It’s a strange assumption to say that the ones who don’t send PDFs are the ones who can’t design in the first place, I rarely send PDF’s.

    Working in the print shop, and having it be an eye opener is exactly what the article is about. I’m saying that when there is a problem at the printer’s, the designer rarely ever hears about. If they did, there’d be far fewer mistakes.

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