I’ve never been dumb enough to sign up for any of the junk email offers that come through my inbox, things like “get paid to read email/search the web/secret shopper/fill out surveys, etc.”

I just assume they’re all scams, I don’t know what happpened last week though, must have had a moment of weakness or tipped back a few too many or something, because I signed up for Yes, even after reading all the messages about being a huge scam. Something about it just made me curious.

So far I can tell you this:

  • I signed up, for free
  • You open a page they call the “Surfjunky browser” Which is just a frame at the top that rotates their pages every 20 seconds
  • They pay you ¢45 per hour for letting the browser rotate through all of their pages via paypal. They say they payout between the 1st and 15th of each month after you reach the $25 minimum.

So I just leave the browser open when I go to bed and let it go all night, or all day when I’m at work, and sometimes just let it go in the background. They don’t let you use firefox, so I let it run inSafari while I go about my business in Firefox. Ive surfed for 89 hours total and have accumulated about $39 in my account.

So, I’m curious to see what happens. I’m totally expecting it to be a scam. But…if I end with 20 bucks a week extra, that’s a few beers or a trip to the movies. We’ll see.


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