In your face, weather.

Most people would think that getting a nice outdoor shot of a big, new bank building in Michigan, in October, when it’s rainy and cold would be a near impossibility.

Not us! We forged ahead into the grey, overcast morning unfazed by the bleak, depressing sky or the fact that the sun was on the wrong side of the building. We have a deadline, we have a photographer scheduled, and the weather’s only supposed to get worse. So, what do you do?

We get mad and whine about it. But then later, we make it work.

We had a photographer that was keen enough to give us multiple exposures for the building and for the sky, That was key. Good thinking.

So I started with these two-

This one exposed to catch whatever detail we could in the sky.

And this one exposed to pick up the building detail.

Then combine the two, do some major color correction, build some new sky, make it blue-er…


and just a few hours later, it’s a bright summery day at the bank.

I wish.


2 Responses to In your face, weather.

  1. Aaron Schaap says:

    whoa – that’s a pretty good photoshop job. Next time, it would be nice to see each step you took while working on it.

  2. Pete says:

    That’s be a long ass post.

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