“Working” from home

My computer at work is down and I’m completely slammed at work so I brought all my stuff home to work on while things get straightened out. I may never go back. That’s how good it is. It should be obvious that working at home is way better than working…at work, but I’ll point out some reasons-

  • Money saved. In two days I’ve saved 144 miles worth of driving, gas is $2.39/g and my car gets about 24 mpg that’s a savings of…something. I know I typically spend anywhere from $40-50 a week on gas. Add to that the ususal $6-7 I’d normally spend on lunch each day. That’s a savings of close to $80 a week.
  • Time saved. No picking out clothes, no showering, no teeth brushing, no hair combing. No personal hygiene whatsoever saves me at least 45 minutes a day. I just get up & go. Then there’s the 90 minutes a day I’d spend commuting.
  • Longer hours. Without the stress of working around other peoples schedules, constant interruptions, uncomfortable chairs, loud meetings, rushing back and forth from a fast-food lunch, 3 kinds of music coming at you from surrounding cubicles, people arguing and/or “freaking out” about this and that and other general distractions you get in the office, I’m a lot less exhausted at the end of the day, and actually have had no problem working a lot longer than I normally would. Typically about 6 or 7 hours longer on average before I call it a day.

There’s gotta be a way to make this work.


One Response to “Working” from home

  1. Pablohart says:

    Totally! I may not pay as much in gas, but it completely makes sense. Less bad energy = more good energy = happier life = pure sense.

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