Working on brochures and ads sometimes requires planning photoshoots when the client’s got enough cash in the budget for it. My problem with photoshoots? I hate trying to pre-plan them with models and props and stylists. The only way to get a great shot is if your in the midst of a real moment, when someone’s glanced away from the camera between shots or in the middle of a laugh when they think no one’s taking their picture, when you’re standing in a doorway and they don’t know you’re there. When their hair’s a little wild, when they’re comfortable and being themselves.

Some of the best shots I’ve used in work have been unintentional, off-the-cuff types of shots that happened when we weren’t trying to be perfect. Because they weren’t perfect. They were real.

Anyway, that just popped into my head, it could be bullshit, and my own special way of avoiding having to plan detailed photoshoots. But I’m sticking to it for now.


2 Responses to Photoshoots

  1. Joe Gaylor says:

    Pete, I can feel your pain, you can tell by our work that “real, natural” stuff works the best.. Especially in the admissions marketing world… Of course there are the hoity toity high production shoots also that do require all that nonsense.. Just thought I’d comment on your blog.. Neat stuff

  2. Pete says:

    Thanks Joe, it’s nice to get something back from the photographer’s point of view.

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