You know what would be great?

There’re a bunch of sites that I’ve been using to keep myself organized in different ways; 30 boxes keeps my dates and appointments in check, I use backpack to keep track of mostly random thoughts, to-dos, lists of books to read, movies to see and other junk that I would most likely forget within a few seconds of thinking it. I’ve started using to store links that I come across. Flickr (which I have to log in to through my Yahoo account) stores and makes it easy to share my photos. I get mail through gmail, free file storage through, this blog uses wordpress, I still haven’t found a manageable way to keep track of RSS feeds, itunes keeps my podcasts up to date (which I never have time to listen to either), and Pandora finds new music for me to listen to.

There may be a couple more that I’m forgetting, but counting those above, that’s 9 different acccounts that I need to keep track of.

I just want it all in one place. The perfect start page would have a mailbox, a calendar, to-do list, bookmarks, drag and drop photo uploading to flickr or whichever photo service you use, blogging tools, file storage (there should be a feature in gmail that lets you choose whether or not you like to allocate part of your 2gb to file storage) and a feed manager.

Flock comes close to the idea, but it’s a browser. I’m thinking I want everything that Flock does, but in a website.

Is that already possible? Could be I’m just dumb and don’t know how to do it.


2 Responses to You know what would be great?

  1. Shadowmat says:

    Hey, First time dropping by your blog maybe not the last but i have to thank you on all the wonderfull links you’ve provided me with. Im especially fond of and Backpack. Well best of luck in your blogging and take care.

  2. shmuel says:

    Check out google’s customizable homepage and while you’re at it Google’s calendar solution – together they may offer you exactly what you are looking for.

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