I don’t like this music.

Now that a couple of years have passed since mp3’s have taken the place of of my CD’s and tapes (I never owned much vinyl), what do I do with all the digital music that I bought and don’t like anymore? Musical tastes aren’t permanent, I mean, sure there are a few bands/songs that’ll stand the test of time. Fatboy Slim? He’s not one of them. If he were a CD he’d be up on ebay right now. But instead he’s taking up space and gathering dust on my harddrive because I can’t bring myself to delete him. Plus, he’s keeping Fred Durst company.

So what do you do? You’ve got music you haven’t listened to in years but you don’t want to delete it because you paid for it, and you can’t very well sell it like you can a used CD. I guess I could back it up onto a disc, but then again, it just sits. In digital limbo.


2 Responses to I don’t like this music.

  1. silverlynx says:

    I know exactly what your talking about. But what I did was burn my entire library to several DVD’s and put them away. You may someday want to go back and actually listen to those songs. Plus this way you can retrieve some of that valuable harddrive space.

  2. thealid says:

    I got 50GB of music on my hard drive, more than I can fit onto my i-pod. But I keep it there, because there’s always the urge to go back and listen to something I’ve not heard in years. I got albums from 1990 that aren’t exactly cutting edge anymore, but I still like to listen to them. And besides with the size of hard drive’s these days, what’s the problem with a couple of old albums taking up some mb.

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