New OSX Downloadables

I had time today to catch up on some new software; starting with netnewswire. I’ve had it on my computer at work for a couple days but had to yank it off because i wasn’t doing any work. I was just reading RSS feeds all day like a zombie. Now I have it here at home, where acting like a zombie won’t get me fired. It’s a super piece of time-saving software.

Next; iPodderX, a podcast client that can handle pretty much any kind of file (audio, video, photo) but I’ve only used it for audio podcasts so far. It gives me something to listen to on the way to work and helps me avoid road-rage.

And then; Panic’s usenet client Unison. This is AWESOME. I’ve been using MT NewsWatcher forever now and had no idea what I was missing out on. I use it mostly for music and with Unison you can view threads by file type, preview songs before downloading and you don’t seem to have to worry about finding a third-party binary decoder. It does it all for you.

Lastly; I finally got Bit Torrent software, mainly to download this.


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